New Year

New Year

Keep your eyes open and check out all the after-Christmas sales to New Year, you can find a ton of sales during this New Year’s event. Retailers usually offer clearance sales and stock-ending sales during the New Year holidays. Check out the New Year sales and deals.

National Apricot Day

Blue Monday

National Pie Day

National Hat Day

National Puzzle day

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year can also be called Lunar New Year. The day is not celebrated on 1st January but on the first day of the Chinese calendar, N. Korea, S. Korea, and Vietnam also celebrate it. Whenever we hear about any event related to China, the first thought that comes in is about Ali Express, the biggest e-commerce company, and all the Chinese sellers spread across the world. Check out the sales and offers you can avail of during Chinese New Year.

Umbrella Day

Valentines Day

Who doesn’t know about this famous Valentine’s Day celebrated worldwide on the most lovable day i.e. 14th February? The day to express love and kindness to your dear ones. You may find some amazing Valentine’s deals on gifts, clothes, and perfumes and also some great offers from restaurants for taking your valentine for a special dinner.

Presidents Day

Presidents Day is celebrated all over the US to remember the lives, past & present of the chief executives and Presidents of the United States. The celebration started with the birthday of President George Washington which was 22nd February, but now it is changed into a President’s Day which is the third Monday of February. You may find some great discounts on Presidents Day for patriotic clothing, home and garden materials, gifts, and much more.

Womens Day Image

International Women’s Day is celebrated to praise the women around the world. The sacrifices they made and the hardships they tolerated can never be returned to them. It is the day when women are recognized for their achievements without any discrimination of caste, religion, ethnicity, language, or any other factor. When we talk about women, shopping is definitely involved. Check out the stores and companies celebrating Women’s Day and offering deals and discounts.

Sping season

St. Patricks Day

Saint Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration to honour the saint. The green holiday has evolved a lot with different parades, special foods, music, dancing, drinking, and a whole lot of traditions. The festival is widely celebrated across Ireland, the US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Russia, and many more. Check out the stores offering Saint Patrick’s Day sales, offers, and coupons.

Single Parents Day

April Fools Day

Easter (March 22 – April 25)


Easter is a Christian Holiday celebrated as a day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter dates can be between March 22 and April 25. Easter can be celebrated in different ways like making a bunny cake, going to church, eating good food, having a contest, or taking a vacation. Check out the companies offering Easter deals and offers.

Mothers Day Image

Mothers are the most important person in anyone’s life. There are no words that can explain the importance and love of mothers. Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide on different dates, it is held on the 2nd Sunday of May in many countries like the US, Australia & Canada. In the UK, it is celebrated exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. Let’s check out some deals, and offers available at this Mother’s Day.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States observed on the last Monday of May. The day is to remember the people who lost their lives while serving the country’s armed forces. Companies do offer some good Memorial Day sales and discounts to give tribute to the Martyrs.

Cheese Day

Fathers Day

Father is indeed an important pillar of any Family. Fathers are usually strict but they are extremely soft-hearted from inside. The day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June annually.  Let’s check out the Father’s Day sales and deals offered to us.

Donut Day (First Friday Of June & 5th November)

Donut Day

Children Day

Happy 4th July

The Fourth of July or Independence Day is America’s most cherished holiday with the US flag flown and celebrations across the states. Offices and schools are closed on this day and many patriotic brands and companies offer extreme discounts and great deals on the 4th of July.

Parents Day (4th Sunday Of July)

Parents Day

Bikini Day (5th July)

Bikini Day USA

Hammock Day

Happy Friendship Day

National Girlfiends day

Underwear day

Left Handers Day

Women’s Equality Day (26 August)

Womens equality day

Labor Day

Back to school

Grand Parents Day (1st Sunday after Labour Day)

Grand Parents

Teddy Bear

National Video Games Day (12th September)

Happy Video Game Day

World Vegetarian Day (1st October)

Happy Vegetarian Day

National Boyfriends Day

National Chocolate Day

Halloween (31st October)

Halloween 31 October

Halloween doesn’t need any type of special introduction as it’s a festive celebrated worldwide in different means. Adults enjoy parties while kids collect the candies. At Halloween, you can find some great deals and offers on candies, clothes, costumes, props, accessories, decoration items, and so on. Let’s check out the definitive guide to Halloween Shopping.

Veterans Day

Singles Day

Happy ThanksGiving Day

Thanksgiving is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November. The day originated as the harvest festival but now it is changed into one of the biggest shopping festivals around. People celebrate it in different ways like cooking a turkey, eating together, shopping, and much more. Let’s check out Thanksgiving deals, discounts, and offers.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the next Friday after Thanksgiving. Meaning the fourth Friday of November. Black Friday is now celebrated worldwide as one of the biggest shopping days. All brands, stores, parks, malls, everyone contribute to black Friday and offer different legit sales and discounts. Let’s check out the Black Friday 2023 coupons, deals & discounts.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is another shopping day in the US, now followed by everyone around the world. It is the marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. The day was created by retailers for consumers to encourage them to shop online as Black Friday shopping is mostly focused on offline purchases. You can most probably get amazing deals and discounts on tech-related items. Let’s check out the Cyber Monday deals and offers.

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Christmas Day

And who doesn’t know about the very special and most loving Christmas Day, the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and spread happiness by congratulating everyone and sharing gifts? Let’s check the whole guide of Christmas with discounts and coupons around.

Boxing Day